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In a recent interview with UKF, drum and bass sensation Macky Gee opened up about his highly anticipated new album, “It’s a Gee Thing.” The renowned DJ and producer shared insights into his creative process, the inspiration behind the album, and what fans can expect from his latest musical endeavor.
When Ben Keast, a dedicated fan battling a rare disease, dreamt of celebrating his 21st birthday with his favorite DJ, Macky Gee, he turned to social media for help. What began as a daring proposal via Facebook soon evolved into a heartwarming tale of community support and determination.
Mixmag’s recent feature on the resurgence of jump-up drum and bass couldn’t have hit closer to home for me, Macky Gee. As a leading figure in the jump-up scene, I’ve witnessed firsthand the powerful resurgence and evolution of this electrifying subgenre. Allow me to share my perspective on this exciting movement that’s propelling jump-up DNB into a golden era.